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My biggest pet peeve of the internet, particularly social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, is oversharing. It’s like some people don’t have a filter and just post ANYTHING about their day. And I’m not perfect. I LOVE Twitter and probably post too much. But! I also respect my followers (the whole handful of them), so I’ve collected all my newborn/motherhood tweets and decided to post them on my blog instead. Because, as you’ll see, these tweets aren’t exactly thrilling…and probably a bit too personal!

  • Forgot how bad my neck and shoulders hurt with a newborn.
  • Forgot how much laundry a newborn requires!
  • I’m a prisoner to my boobs and new baby.
  • I’m a mess. I’m even more of a mess when looking up medical symptoms online.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • I’m averaging 3 hours of my day nursing.
  • Last night I had the newborn that mothers dream of. Fingers crossed for many more nights like that!
  • It’s official. I’ve been hit by the motherhood train. Ouch.
  • Not sure who smells worse: our wet dog or me.
  • Oops! Slept through the alarm and one of MJ’s feedings! She didn’t seem to mind, though.
  • Doing the exact same thing I did with MJ as I did with J: laying in bed and just staring for hours.
  • Didn’t take any ibuprobuferen today!
  • Cleaned my bedroom today. First chore accomplished in over 2 weeks. Feels good!
  • Back to wearing regular underwear, as opposed to the fancy mesh maternity kind. Not going to lie – those were comfortable!

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