How the Little Guy is Handling the Changes…

…not well. I think these two pictures say a lot.

Hiding at the Hospital

Giving us the stink eye

Poor guy has had a rough couple of weeks. When we got home from the hospital on Monday night, everything was fine – he waved at his new sister the entire car ride home. But then Tuesday he developed a high fever and a case of the crab apples. By Friday he was diagnosed with some common toddler virus, which meant we had to keep him separated from Maggie & me. And because I’ve had surgery, I’m unable to lift him or hold him, which kills me!

He doesn’t like being in the same room as Maggie, and he hates it when she cries (although his cries are much more frequent and much much louder!). Occasionally he’ll wave to her and say, “BABY!!!” and then hand her his blanket. But that’s about as nice as he gets.

Hoping it will get easier for him, and I know as soon as I recover fully, this will all be a thing of the past. In my raging hormonal state, though, I cry a lot thinking that I’ve ruined the family dynamic we once had and that he’ll be scarred for life. I know this isn’t the case – there are so many families out there with multiple children! But like I said, I’ve got a lot of hormone issues right now!

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