She’s Here!

On Friday night, September 9, at 11:43 pm, we welcomed Marguerite “Maggie” Jean to the world! She weighed 8.7 pounds, measured at 22 inches long, and was 17 minutes away from hitting her official due date.

But wait, Friday? I thought the induction/C-Section was planned for Tuesday? Well, looks like I was in the 2% of women whose water breaks naturally with a transverse labor (not to mention, among the 10% of women whose water even breaks prior to labor, and who knows what the percentage is when BOTH pregnancies are that way). We were definitely caught by surprise, but luckily at home watching the male version of Project Runway (All American Handyman). It was about 10:15pm, we rushed to the hospital and got there by 10:30, the doctor looked at me at 10:45pm, and decided it was emergency C-section time, because Maggie hadn’t flipped and didn’t look like she was planning on it!

Cut to an hour later, and Dan is holding our sweet new baby girl, while I was conked out on Benadryl of all things. I didn’t get to hold or feed Maggie until about 1am, but have definitely made up for it this past week! We’ve spent the bulk of the week in bed, nesting, and eating all the fabulous food people have brought over. Dan took this week off, and some of next, so that he can take care of Jasper. It’s been the biggest help I could ask for!

Maggie is a little dream baby so far. She nurses extremely well, she loves to snuggle, and her sleeping habits are about what we expected. It’s amazing how you can love a baby so much within hours, even though all they do is eat, sleep, and poop.

Here’s a picture of our little girl, minutes after arriving:

And for comparison, here’s a picture of Jasper* when he was brought home from the hospital:

I am SO happy she’s finally here! Recovery hasn’t been spectacular, but I can’t imagine it is with anyone who’s had major surgery and then is expected to take care of a child immediately. Luckily I have a great group of friends and family who have made it easier, and know lots of great Mamas who have also had C-Sections, and have been a huge emotional support when I think I’m dying of hormonal overload.

We’re looking forward to the next chapter in our book, and hope you don’t mind sharing along with me, because I have a feeling I’ll be posting quite a bit about it here on the blog!

*(for his birth story, which isn’t very long at all, you can read it on our private blog)


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