Nearing the Finish Line

Yesterday was a bit of a shock for me in regards to our pregnancy – we found out that the baby is “transverse,” which means she’s resting sideways, and without any intervention, she most likely won’t come out on her own. Otherwise, according to the ultrasound and her heartbeat, she seems to be just fine, thankfully.

I’ve known something was strange with her for the past month or so because she’s been resting under my rib cage and when I have my Braxton Hicks contractions, my stomach is all lopsided. Plus, the discomfort has been toe curling, which I thought was just in my head, but turns out might actually have been valid. Phew! As I joked yesterday, this baby is literally kicking my butt (her feet are pointed in that direction).

We have a manual manipulation scheduled on September 13th, followed by a C-Section if that doesn’t work. After a lot of hand wringing last night, though, I’ve decided to try for just the C-Section. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about a long hard labor that resulted in surgery anyways, so why go through both? There are pros and cons, obviously, but in the end, I need to be as relaxed as possible in order to have a successful birth (I HATE hospitals), and I don’t think a long labor will be the best case scenario for me or the baby girl. With Jasper, everything went so smoothly, it was such a great experience. I want this to be the same.

Once I came to the decision, I’m completely fine with it. Bring it on, in fact! I’m ready! But here’s where I’ve had my mental breakdown: If I lived in the frontier days, one of us (or both) possibly wouldn’t survive, because at this stage the baby is so big that flipping is only a 50% chance. If I lived in a 3rd world country RIGHT NOW, the same thing might happen. It’s frightening to think about, and as much as I hate un-needed medical intervention, I am so grateful for modern medicine.

Now I just need to get through these next few nights, but at least I have a deadline, and can start preparing my nest for recovery!


2 thoughts on “Nearing the Finish Line

  1. Jamie says:

    As I said, I had an unplanned c-section with Aiden, and I was going to have another one with this lost baby. I think you have the right attitude towards it. I was given 30 minutes notice with Aiden and immediately became okay with it because thats what was meant to be for me. Its been really frustrating for me in the past 3 years to hear how people are “sorry I had to do it that way,” I’m not, because I got to have my baby. Healthy and happy. I’ll be thinking happy thoughts for you and MJC!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Jamie! It turns out they’re set on trying to induce first, which I’m really bummed about, because I think it’s going to end in a C-section anyways. That’s awful that people think it’s less of a birth experience! I’m extremely grateful for Jasper’s smooth delivery, but the end goal is ultimately a healthy baby and mama, right? So what does it matter whether it was at home, with an epidural, or via surgery? Some people. THanks for the positive thoughts! I’ll probably send everyone a text once she’s out and everything is looking good!

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