A Novel Idea

One of the main reasons for re-starting Tapioca Dance is to write every day. I forgot how hard this is! I’ve kept journals since I was old enough to hold a pencil, but they’re usually filled with things that are not meant for the public eye. And if I did share it with the public, they would most likely roll their eyes (lots of Jasper milestones, for example, or venting about how my life is SO HARD…it’s not).

The goal is in November to start writing a book. I know! I always dreamed of becoming an author. Shoot, I’ve had things published when I was younger (so what if it was in literary journals? And I was seven?). But this time, I really want to do it. You’ll probably never read it. You’ll probably never get a chance to read it, because I don’t particularly like sharing my creative writing. But I’m hoping to at least get it started. And I’m hoping this blog helps serve as a stepping stone for overcoming writer’s block.


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