Toddler Talk

Before having children, I VOWED that I would NEVER use baby talk to my kids. Sure, voice tone and inflections would change, that’s natural, but what I’m talking about is using other words for objects that already have perfectly good names. Example: a Binky for a Pacifier. I just don’t understand where Binky comes from? I’m not opposed to other people using these words, but I tend to be odd and cannot use abbreviations in my every-day speech (fridge for refrigerator, low cal for low calorie…etc). I also don’t like switching words for other words. And even some acronyms bother me (AC for Air Conditioning…). I know.

But then something happened. I had a baby. And babies can’t say specific words correctly the first time.

So now, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is “Nu nu.”

Cheerios are “choo choos.”

Again is “adoo.””

And Blanket is “blankie.”


Oh well. It’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Talk

  1. girlnumbertwo says:

    I never thought I would baby talk my dog either (or anything). But I call her cute-ums and tell her it’s time to go sleep-ums, and ask her if she’s hungries. It’s embarrassing when I forget other people are around and start talking that way. *sigh* is right.

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