New Job Title

Recently I was on the phone with my health insurance company, and they asked my occupation. It’s a tricky one. I’m no longer self-employed, which I was for almost five years. I’m not necessarily unemployed, because I’m not actively seeking work, nor was I laid off or fired from a job. I don’t work part-time. For the past year, I’ve considered myself a Stay-at-Home-Mom. When I told that to the lady on the phone, she said, “Ah, so you’re a Homemaker.”

For some reason that really threw me. A homemaker seems totally different than a SAHM. Homemakers evoke images of aprons, baking cookies, and getting on your hands and knees scrubbing floors, while wearing a dress and pearl necklace. Oddly enough, I *do* all that (minus the pearls…). Yet I picture myself more of a Stay-at-Home-Mom, which doesn’t feel like the same thing. It seems more modern, I guess. Less emphasis on keeping a tidy house, more emphasis on creating messes with your children and going on play dates with other SAHM’s (even if those dates revolve around iced coffee and gossip, while the kids parallel play with train sets and mermaid dolls).

Either way, I love my new role in life, and I could care less which title I’m given. But if I’m to officially be a “Homemaker,” I almost feel like I need to amp up a few things, particularly in the home department. Like dusting. And sewing. And kissing my husband as he walks in the front door each night (although, he doesn’t do that, because he works at home, too).

A few years ago I would have cringed at the thought of doing anything domestic as a full-time job. But now I’m really excited for it, and can’t wait to further embrace my role as a Homemaker/SAHM (being pregnant for 9/12 of the year has put a damper on the job). Once Baby #2 arrives, I’m giving myself six weeks to take it easy, learn the ropes of having two children, snuggle a lot, and get by on minimal chore duties. Then it’s on to some big goals for the remainder of 2011. Such as:

  • Make Halloween costumes for my children
  • Host a Holiday dinner this year
  • Create a better system for cleaning the house
  • Come up with more (messy) activities for my toddler, as opposed to letting him watch TV shows (I’ve been super guilty of this during my pregnancy fatigue)
  • Learn to sew kids clothes
  • Make more elaborate and healthy dinners than just angel hair pasta with parmesan cheese or frozen pizza
  • Catch up on all those little projects that I’ve been wanting to do in the past year (make a home binder, update physical address books, sew curtains, clean out desk drawers, file, etc…)
  • Be proud of the house that I keep…never having to say, “Sorry, the house is a mess! I hope it doesn’t smell like a dog…”
  • EXERCISE! Get my girlish figure back (ha)
  • Find that pearl necklace

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