Almost Here!

This week marks the 37th week of my second pregnancy, and I have never been more ready for anything in my entire life.

At this point in my first pregnancy, I was a wreck. Here’s what I wrote on our private blog:

I’m at 36 weeks this week! The nesting instincts have hit hard, and made worse by the fact that Dan ripped up carpet in our bedroom but we haven’t put the furniture back in! Or painted! Or fixed the crib! Or hung curtains in the nursery! Or bought a stroller! Or bought new bed sheets! Or stocked up on Swiffers! Or cleaned the tub and toilet! Or baked 100 meals to freeze and prepare for the weeks after delivery! Or done our holiday shopping! Or decorated our house for the holidays! Or pre-stamped and addressed announcements! Or even thought about announcements! Or had my hair cut and colored! Or packed a hospital bag! Or purchased a new couch! Or got rid of our old couch! Or rearranged the entire layout of our house! Or gone to child-birth classes! Or finished my Moxie to-do list! Or washed all the linens and towels! Or made a “welcome home banner” for my baby! Or…

Deep. Calm. Relaxing. Breathe. None of that is important. Right? Right!?


Little did I know, Jasper would arrive a couple weeks later, and I still hadn’t accomplished everything on my to-do list. This time around, however, I have the crib set up, the baby clothes and sheets washed, my hospital bag packed, towels sitting next to my bed in case of another water breakage (gross), camera charged, extra iPhone power cord packed, post-partum supplies stocked and ready (supplies = lemon-lime Gatorade and Pop Tarts), three different plans set in place depending on when I go into labor, new toys hidden for Jasper, my hair is freshly cut and colored (dark brown with “ruby red slipper” and “buttercream” streaks), and an email account for the little girl registered.

So with every passing contraction, I find myself perking up thinking, “All right! Is this the start?” And never in a million years would I ever think I’d be so excited to go to a hospital…

Wish us luck!

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